2006-05-16: Patrick Davalan
    * lib/alma/almasem.rb:
        ALMA_VERSION set to 0.0.94
        require 'rubrix/opthash.rb' instead of 'opthash'
    * test/x_version : removed, not to change it at each release.
2006-03-01: Patrick Davalan
    * alma-0;0.93: ready to be released
2006-02-22: Patrick Davalan
    * lib/alma/alma2xml.rb:
        There was a \n inside single quotes, changed to double quotes.
    * ext/almaparser.c: ap_scan_parms
        on errors, returns keyword parms even if the value reached EOD :
            helps the sem. methods to find more errors.
    * ext/almaparser.c: ap_skip_spaces
        spaces after a comment embedded in spaces were not skipped. fixed.
    * lib/alma/almasem.rb: _include() created

2006-02-19: Patrick Davalan
    * ext/almaparser.c:
        Quick hack pour AlmaConf. FIXIT ? :
            ap_no_posArg() ( _no_posArg ) created
            ap_no_keyArg() ( _no_keyArg ) created
            ap_tok_func() test if the function do not want positional or
            keyword args and update its lookup table to disable ';' or '='
2006-02-18: Patrick Davalan
    * lib/alma/Misc.rb: created
        Module Misc, method pins
2006-02-17: Patrick Davalan
    * lib/alma/almasem.rb:
        API :
        add functions : set_exit_val, get_exit_val, clearerr.
        str_call, str_parse, file_call, file parse :
            return nil on error
    * ext/almaparser.c: ap_scan_parms
        - Bug : on end-of-data in parms, the preceeding function call at the
        same stack level appeared in the backtrace.
        - fix ; parse_stack popped before calling ap_error. (3 places in
        the function).
2006-01-27: Patrick Davalan
    * lib/alma/almasem.rb: API implementation.
        ALMA_VERSION set to 0.0.93
        Arguments to initialize and run changed.
        Almasem.get_opt written ( cut & paste from alma.rb )
        Almost everything from alma.rb are now in almasem.rb
        set_exit_val put in almasem class, deleted from almaParser,
            do no callback any more.
        At this time, require opthash, almaparser (and readline when the
            inter method is used).
    * bin/alma.rb: API implementation
        Almost everything deleted, do not do much more than instantiate
            the AlmaSem class and run the interpretor.
    * ext/almaparser.c:
        set_exit_val() deleted from API methods, now static in almasem.rb.
        set_debug() deleted, was unused.

2006-01-22: Patrick Davalan
    * bin/alma.rb: ALMA_VERSION set to 0.0.93
    * scripts/mk_test_cmds.rb: deleted
    * test/cmds.rb: deleted
    * test/all.rb: almost rewritten
    * test/testcmds.rb: created
        The test-suite is simplified and do not require test/unit any more
        More infos will be given in test/debug/
    * alma.rb:
        program --trace and --verbose arguments now can be overriden
        by environment variable ALMAOPT.
    * lib/alma/alma2xml.rb:
        change \" by ' in a quoted string
    * setdown.rb: Deleted files or directories names deleted from
    * README: seems to have disappeared, rewritten.

2006-01-19: Patrick Davalan
    * ext/almaparser.rb: ap_call_func
        - Bug : At least in Ruby1.8.2 rb_respond_to seems not to return
        false for a private method (as expected).
        Fix : change rb_respond_to to funcall to test if the first argument
        of a method is the object to which it will be applied.
        - Add a line to the trace when a method is applied in order to
        display the class of the object to which it is applied.
    * test/all.rb:
        print debugging infos on test/debug/env
    * test/: x_time
        removed from suite as it gived different results depending on
        the timezone.
        renamed as y_time
    * test/: x_bq
        removed from suite as it gived different results (a warning) when
        executed in a directory with the sticky bit on.
        renamed as y_bq

2006-01-14: Patrick Davalan
    * version: created
    * bin/alma.rb: ALMA_VERSION set to 0.0.92